A brick breaker game with unusual round gameplay. You can move paddle by 360 degrees around the level.

Main goal of this game is to get a highest score having 5 lives on start. For every brick hit you'll get some score. There are 40 different levels for you. Complete them all... if you can ;)!

There are 8 different bonuses can be dropped from random brick - 4 are good for player and 4 are not:

  • "+400 bonus scores"
  • "Super ball" - ball penetrate all bricks on his way for 5s.
  • "Big paddle" - makes paddle bigger for 10 seconds.
  • "Extra life" - adds one extra life.
  • "-400 penalty" - decreases scores by 400.
  • "Ghost ball" - makes ball transparent and not effective by 10 seconds.
  • "Small paddle" - makes paddle smaller by 10 seconds.
  • "Death" - kills current ball (-1 life).

Controls: mouse or touches.

Press 'ESC', 'P', space or button 'Pause' to pause the game.

Advise: while playing, try to keep mouse pointer closer to paddle track. Then control will be much better and easier, paddle will be moving not so quick.